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Ricky Van Veen
Co-Founder of CollegeHumor

You Are What You Tweet: How media changes in a social world.
In our current social media landscape, we are deliberate curators of our online profiles and do so to create and assert individual identity. This has redefined the way online content is consumed. How can publishers take advantage of this trend to achieve viral success? And what happens to media when the model of consumption determines the kind of content produced?

Kevin Snyder
Author of four books and professional speaker

The Ripple Effect
How one person can make a significant impact on society with a unique or perhaps unbelievable idea.

Devora Rogers
Senior Director of Retail Marketing Insights at Inmar

The Science of Shopping and Retail of the Future
Why do shoppers behave the way they do? Fragmentation of the media landscape and the explosion of digital media have made it even more difficult to understand what is driving shopper influence on purchase. Combining the science of shopper insights with a view of real time purchase decisions will allow brands the opportunity to provide “old school” customer service to mass audiences. It turns out, creating the future of retail may not require holograms and augmented reality — but instead applying data to anticipate shoppers’ needs and fulfill them in real time.

Michael Nader
Wake Forest University Primate Center

The Value of Drug Addiction Research

Stephen Graham
Chief Marketing Officer at Maple Leaf Foods

A Few Kind Words
The future belongs, as it always has, to those who can both create and communicate. What are the most powerful and meaningful ways to connect with people to create value in their lives? Are there lessons or a model of communication that can help us better build relationships as brands, companies or individuals? If so, can it help us create a greater sense of purpose for ourselves?

Mark Bauerlein
Author & Professor of English at Emory University

Language, Age Segregation and Digital Teens

Elizabeth Baker
Visiting Professor in the Wake Forest Schools of Business

Out of the Mouths of Babes

J Henry Fair

The True Cost of Goods Sold

David Mount
Health Disparities Scholar at the National Institute of Health
Community Reinvestment 2.0