MC: Morris Morrison

Master of Ceremonies, Morris Morrison

Morris believes that every person has an amazing story. He believes that everyone has the necessary gifts and abilities to make an authentic impact in the world. After all, his own personal story is one that reads like a script that was written in Hollywood. After being born in New York City, Morris was orphaned by the death of his birth parents. As a teen, he found himself on his own once again after the loss of his adoptive parents.  But Morris Morrison only has one word that he uses to describe the “tough circumstances” that life can throw at us – Blessings!  Morris made it his mission to use these perfect storm of events to unleash a new form of energy into his life – Motivation!

After being on his own as an early teen, Morris was able to remain motivated & engaged after being blessed with many opportunities that enhanced his self-awareness and helped him grow. He received his Bachelors Degree from Fairmont State College and his Masters Degree from West Virginia University.

Morris continued his learning and development as he successfully navigated the ranks of some the worlds top corporations. Prior to starting his own company, Morris was exposed to significant developmental opportunities in his roles with large corporations such as Equitable Resources, BB&T Bank, and Pfizer Inc.

Today, as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and owner of The Morris Morrison Development Group, LLC, his high-energy motivational keynote programs have quickly positioned him as one of the fastest growing speakers in the market. Morris Morrison is not just “driven to succeed”.  Morris Morrison is driven on a mission to impact and inspire you to believe that, “YOUR story matters… and YOU really can, make a difference in this world using the gifts that God has already given YOU!”